outsourcing a contact center

Off-hours Customer Service Solutions for Small Businesses

The world is now a 24-hour marketplace and no one knows that better than businesses taking advantage of this busy environment. Even small companies are able to provide their products and services to clients around the world. While technology has made this possible, it has not made it cheaper to staff an office every minute of the day, seven days a week. Hiring a staff that large is often not feasible for many companies, and sometimes just not desirable. Unfortunately, when current or potential customers have a question or complaint, they want to speak to someone immediately, not wait until an office opens several hours later.

The struggle then begins on how to keep costs low, while still making certain someone is available to serve those customers who need help after business hours. In almost every situation, the best solution is to consider outsourcing a contact center. This type of service makes it easy for even a start-up or a sole proprietorship to look fully staffed and professional, no matter when their customers call.

With a contact center, companies can have someone available to sell products, handle customer questions and provide tech support. It is even possible to have websites and social media sites monitored and managed during off-hours. It reduces the need to keep someone on-call, to hire additional staff or have the owner completely surrender their personal life to keep things under control.

The cost of these services can actually reduce overall expenses for companies that have relied on their own staff to work overtime hours to manage work overflow. Because these companies also offer marketing services like surveys and seed call programs as well as tasks like data entry, claims processing and background checks, it can allow a small business to grow without any substantial personnel investment.

Any business, regardless of their industry, that is struggling to meet all of the needs of their clients during an average workday should consider this type of service. It is a convenient solution that can prevent unprofessional wait times or unanswered phones. Do not risk losing a sale. Find out more about how an outsourced call center may be the perfect solution.